Teacher, performer and adventurer, Ari focuses on the uniqueness of each person, the demands of both body and individuality. He has explored, questioned and perfected these disciplines for over 20 years, in the form of aerial acrobatics, mindful movement and circus skills.

Gymnastics at the age of five, Judo at seven and Kung Fu at eleven. Then, still not more than a boy, he studied the arts of meditation, and Tai Chi, and dived headlong into mysticism. Through his teenage years were added yoga sun salutations and his interest in Yoga began.

At twenty one years old it was Vipassana meditation, weight training and a move to the coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia, both to live in the bush and to “hang out with witches” when his physicality and spirituality gained momentum.

Exploring other mystical and physical disciplines such as tarot, Aikido and Iaido, at age twenty four Arian also began what has proven to be a life-long career performing and teaching aerial circus arts. Quite the unexpected line of work for an introvert. And one that has since taken him all over the world.

In his thirties, he lived in Europe, continued his Yoga practice and then travelled off to India for his first teacher training. Currently, Arian holds over 1,500 hours of accredited Yoga teacher-training in various styles, merging the traditional with a knowledge of gymnastics, martial arts and aerial acrobatics.

He now holds teacher trainings, retreats and workshops worldwide while mentoring the next generation of teachers.