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Clean air, confinement and crafting change

So, here we are.

Such an interesting time, something that people will remember for a long while and possibly the beginning of a lot of big changes in the larger scheme of things. But, on the even larger scheme of things…. such a miniscule blip in the cosmic timeline. Let’s keep things in perspective.

How are you coping with the change? It seems as though restrictions are easing right?

I can’t help but feel strangely optimistic and calm about it all. I’m enjoying the clear crisp air, the spaceousness when I go out walking and more importantly the connection I have kept with my students and wider community. I am also staying connected to people when I see them out and about, walking passed strangers and saying hello, so people don’t feel like they have to be afraid of saying hi!

I am teaching just as many classes as I normally would but now live stream which is actually great. I am connecting to students from all over the world now and we can tune in together live! It is really so much fun! Now, I don’t have to be just teaching people in Sydney, it can literally be anywhere there is an internet connection.

During silent meditation the other day, using the opportunity of the massive astrological configuration of Jupiter Pluto conjunction, I had moments of absolute compassion. Compassion for all life, and not just for us humans, but the myriad of life in the seas and soil and everything from bacteria to animals and compassion for all life. I was full of love for life. Even the people that might be at the forefront of the corruption and lies going on in our governments. I realised that this is their capacity for understanding right now. We all are at our own unique level of awareness. Even this “covid virus” is fighting to survive as best it can. Quite interesting really.

Any moments I am not teaching I’m being very creative with my sequencing, making interesting music, writing my thoughts or watching weird documentaries. I feel pecularly  positive at the moment. Not sure how long it will last, but let’s all roll with it as long as possible! Ride the wild positive wave and help be a light for the world around you I say!

With all these rules being imposed upon us, with all the theories floating around about what is actually happening and why, it’s important to stay connected to a physical practice, a meditation practice and a connection to your community. Staying grounded amongst the uncertainty is imperative for your well-being. I have created a series of videos to help you understand your breath here and also many free videos for your to keep up your practice here. I have been loving the comments on my videos and messages people have been sending, and for the donations I am very grateful.

As it is for myself and the many people out of work all over the world I understand the financial hardship thrust upon us, so it is important for me to offer these classes for free. I don’t want to be another person selling you something, I just feel now is the time to help each other. If you can do something then do it. That’s what yoga has taught me. An awareness fine tuned to all around me.

The nature of the universe is change, seasons change after all. We can’t fight the seasons, we can’t fight destiny either. So let’s ride the wave to the shore. If we get slam dunked and tossed around a bit, just remember to head to the surface for air.





Ari Levanael

With a long history of yoga practice spanning almost 30 years, Ari is a passionate and dedicated student of the yoga tradition. Currently, Ari holds over 1,700 hours of accredited yoga teacher-training in various styles, merging the traditional with a knowledge of gymnastics, martial arts and aerial acrobatics.

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