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Langkawi – Malaysia Yoga retreat

Now that I have returned from my beautiful retreat in Malaysia with KsatriaShakti Yoga retreats I have had time to reflect on what such an amazing transformational exeperience it was for all involved.  To be able to connect with my students on such a personal level and design my sequences for them every day to aid in their transformation was truly rewarding and liberating. Being able to practice on the jetty and watch the sunrise, then practice again in the afternoon near the spa amongst the trees and monkeys, so wonderful!

I never take my job as a yoga teacher for granted. It is such a responsibility for me to help students reconnect with their presence and purpose and to find some respite from the everyday chaos that sometimes surrounds us. Finding that stillness within is so important, and to liberate body and mind from the external dross of life sometimes is just what is needed.

Langawi island is a peaceful place, very different to the chaos of Bali and other busy Yoga retreat type places. Something unique to explore for people.

We had so much fun exploring the local sites, riding jet skis, swimming in waterfalls and going out on boat rides to experience what the beautiful islands have to offer.

Ive added some pics from the journey.


Ari Levanael

With a long history of yoga practice spanning almost 30 years, Ari is a passionate and dedicated student of the yoga tradition. Currently, Ari holds over 1,700 hours of accredited yoga teacher-training in various styles, merging the traditional with a knowledge of gymnastics, martial arts and aerial acrobatics.

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